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Curly Hair 101

Did you know...

Since the day you were born curly hair is missing 8 amino acids and 2 proteins. The right hair products is essential. 

Depending on the tightness of your cuticle determines how open your cuticle is. Such as, the tighter the curl the more open the cuticle is and the looser the curl the less open the cuticle is. 

Curly hair is very porous, which means it will absorb anything it touches. 

Many confuse "dry/damaged" hair with hair build up. It can easily be fixed with a detox hair treatment.

Frizzy curls are thirsty curls reaching out for hydration. It can easily be resolved with the right hair products. 

It is ok to use a wet brush and/or wide tooth comb on wet curly hair after applying a leave in conditioner. Remember to brush/comb from the ends to the top of the head. 

Coloring/highlighting curly hair is different than straight hair. 

Layers on curly hair is ok and ideal in order to get rid of the tree/pyramid look that most curly girls struggle with.

Layers can help eliminate a lot of unneeded weight and encourage the curls to curl better. 

The foundation/shape of the haircut is the key to a great curly hair style. 


Eliminating weight within the foundation/shape of the curly cut diffuses the layers into each other. This cutting technique makes it easier for you to style at home and keeps the longevity of the haircut. (must be done only as needed) 

  It is recommended to wash your hair no more than twice a week unless you have super oily hair.

After every shampoo make sure to use a leave in conditioner and argan oil if you have super dry hair. 

Never rough dry curl hair nor wrap it in a towel especially if you plan on styling it curly.


During the winter time do not go outside with wet hair. Your hair can freeze and cause  breakage. 

Do not tie your hair up when it is wet. Hair is at its most fragile point when it is wet. 

Curly girls only need a haircut every 3-4 months. Especially if it is worn naturally curly most of the time. 



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